The Sweetly Simple Story

Sweetly Simple was set up to inspire healthy living. After seeing the food truck craze sweeping The USA, Jodie knew it could be a way of getting the message out to the masses. She wanted to show everyone that you could eat chocolate and indulge in delicious food, whilst taking care of your body, and so a Sweetly Simple truck was born!

After loads of fun at festivals and pop up events, and with the increasing excitement over the magical ingredients,  the Sweetly Simple team decided to say goodbye to Maurice the H Van (with many tears), and spread the love further with a new range of Wellness Potions! 

Sweetly Simple is dedicated to making the world a healthier place, and providing a platform where people can learn about nutrition and wellbeing. 


photo 3-2

RIP Maurice. You were a truly wonderful truck.


About Jodie

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